The First of Five: Songwriting in KL

One city in, and I have another song out! I’m posting it from a train station before my computer dies and I lose wifi, so I may revisit it later and make some more edits, but for now the link can be found here:

This song, apart from my voice and electric guitar, also features: birds in the Botanical Gardens, metro announcements and sounds from the MRT/LRT/KLIA, the small drum I found on the hostel roof, the market on Petaling street, a short tune we heard outside a restaurant near the climbing gym, some passing cars near a temple, construction, and rain.

Also, I previously had an idea about how to name these songs, but I actually ended up abandoning that on this one, because no specific recording from the city really stood out more than the others for me. But I did title it ‘rains’ because it rained just about every day I was there.

As can be seen/heard in the song, I spent the most part of last week essentially wandering alone. I had a good time walking around, learning a new metro system, and finding some tucked away places. My highlight of the week was probably going to a show at an indie music venue in KL called Merdekarya (I highly recommend !!). I signed up to play their open mic towards the end of my week because I felt I hadn’t been getting out enough, and ended up having a really nice night meeting other bands and hearing great music.

Looking towards this coming week in Bangkok, I’m hoping to spend more time exploring the music scene, which is quite large there. I’d also like the chance to include more conversations I have with other people in my next work.

That’s it for now, hope you enjoy the song!